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Making virtual, personal.

Keeping this industry alive and connected is important now more than ever. calinker is an online hub listing resources, print industry webinars, virtual events and places for industry enthusiasts to chat, gain inspiration and network online; a necessity in the current climate. Where virtual is now our only option, building connections via our screens doesn’t need to be impersonal.

Make sure to follow our social channels to keep up with the latest events and use the #PrintHeroes, to shout out to anyone who is going the extra mile in the current climate.

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Workflowz is a pre-media software solution provider working with large global brands. Based in the UK, but with offices in Australia and South Africa, Workflowz is able to offer tailored creative software solutions for a variety of needs, budgets and skills.

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Our Promise

As a not-for-profit organisation, calinker champions those in print businesses and aims to build a community which anyone can join to enable the industry to thrive, by sharing knowledge, tips and services.

Although free to list an event, join a webinar and promote any activities, there are also many opportunities on the site to boost to a featured listing, be a headed banner or have dedicated social media posts and newsletter features.

Our promise is that all of the money made from this site will go to charities around the world.

So, if you want to boost your listing, your business and your morale get in touch to find out how.

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