We’ve gone Global

It’s amazing to see how quickly the Print industry responded to the pandemic and transitioned traditional methods of customer engagement to virtual events.

Since launching this project – a dedicated and independent site where vendors can list their upcoming webinars that relate to the industry.

It’s obviously strange times we live in and there is even more demand to be able to communicate effectively with customers and prospects.

The power of the online community is amazing.
It’s part of the reason why our brand features WWW.
A portal where customers can see a schedule of
What‘s on When and Where

Right from the start, we have ensured impartiality and fairness, as ‘we are all in this together’.

This site has no bias and we feature events from our peers – as we don’t see how education should be seen as competition.

In a short period of time, its proved to be effective, and the brainchild of our main sponsor Workflowz has been justified.

Thanks to everyone for making it a success, let’s ensure (like the industry we serve) it thrives, not just survives…

We are proud to be doing our little part to keep everyone informed and up to date, especially when there is a plethora of information bombarding everyone inbox daily.

Thanks to our sponsors for making this happen.
“Clarity and Sanity in a mad world.”

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